Self Compassion and Self Forgiveness

Developing the capacity for self compassion and self forgiveness will not make you a tree hugger! Self compassion and self forgiveness are key to learning how to not only reduce your anxiety, but are the essential ingredients in making positive changes in your life, living your best life and functioning at your full capacity in […]

Responding VS Reacting

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Start by telling yourself “I will not react; I will respond!” Practice and repeat as many times as necessary and get comfortable and familiar in saying this to yourself. Reacting to our anxiety and many other things in life can throw us into the fight or flight mode and cause us to be irrational and […]

Positive Self-Talk as a Soothing Strategy in Reducing Anxiety

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Practicing positive self-talk goes beyond positive affirmations and can result in cognitive reorganization of your thought processes and can change the actual physiological structure of your brain. Physically changing the structure of your brain has to do with the brain’s neuroplasticity and ability to generate new neural pathways and neural networks that can move you […]