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Through evidence-based strategies, I foster emotional regulation, resilience, and personal growth.

About Me

I address deep-seated beliefs of inadequacy, shame, rejection, and internalized judgment, guiding individuals through trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, and issues related to alcohol and substance use. Far beyond traditional talk therapy, I incorporate a clinically proven approach rooted in the latest neuroscience and psychology research. With over two decades of clinical experience, I’ve also been at the forefront of supervising and mentoring emerging therapists.

You can expect to benefit not only from vast clinical expertise, but also from an unwavering dedication to best practices, evidence-based methodologies, and the highest standards of care.


Dealing with Constant Worry?

In today’s rapidly changing world, feelings of anxiety are more prevalent than ever. From minor worries to debilitating panic attacks, anxiety can cast a large shadow over daily life. Drawing from two decades of clinical experience, I utilize evidence-based techniques that not only help manage symptoms but also target the root causes of anxiety. Together, we’ll navigate this challenging emotion, equipping you with the tools to regain control and peace of mind.

  • Discover

    Discover root causes and triggers of your anxiety.

  • Equip

    Equip yourself with proven strategies to cope and manage.

  • Reclaim

    Reclaim peace and balance in your daily life.


Lost in the Shadows of Despair?

Depression can feel like a heavy cloud, affecting every aspect of one’s life. Whether you’re battling persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, or a lack of motivation, remember: there’s a way out. Leveraging the latest in neuroscience and psychology, my approach is tailored to illuminate the path forward, guiding you out of darkness and into a brighter tomorrow.

  • Identify

    Identify and confront the underpinnings of your depression.

  • Implement

    Implement tailored strategies to uplift your mood and energy.

  • Forge

    Forge a path forward to a brighter, more hopeful future.


Navigating the Waves of Loss?

Grief, a complex and deeply personal emotion, can make us feel isolated and adrift. Whether you’re mourning the loss of a loved one, a job, or a phase of life, it’s essential to process these feelings constructively. With my guidance, we’ll explore the depths of your grief, honoring your loss while building resilience and finding a path to acceptance and healing.

  • Acknowledge

    Acknowledge and honor your feelings of loss.

  • Build

    Build resilience and strength through evidence-based techniques.

  • Move

    Move towards acceptance and find renewed purpose.

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If we believe our therapeutic journey will be fruitful, you'll receive an invitation to confirm your insurance details through Alma, our trusted billing platform.

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After confirming your insurance coverage, we'll outline your treatment schedule and commence with an intake session. I'll carefully craft a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

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Our sessions, held either weekly or bi-weekly, will be via a secure virtual tele-health platform. Together, we'll work diligently on realizing the goals set out in your treatment plan.

Empowering Transformation:
Core Areas of Expertise

  • Substance Use Disorder

    Addressing the core challenges of substance use can be daunting, but with the right support, you can reclaim your life. Through specialized techniques, we'll work to understand the root of the problem and devise strategies to help you thrive.

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

    The repetitive patterns of OCD can be distressing. We'll work to understand these patterns, equipping you with strategies to regain control and find relief.

  • Mood Disorders

    Mood disorders can overshadow your daily life. Together, we will explore its origins, work on managing its effects, and light up a path towards emotional balance.

  • Thinking Disorders

    Disruptions in thinking can impact all facets of life. Together, we'll explore the root causes and work on strategies to sharpen cognitive clarity and function.

  • Coping Skills

    Life is filled with uncertainties and stressors. Together, we'll develop effective coping mechanisms, enabling you to face challenges head-on with resilience and strength.

  • Psychosis

    Psychosis can be a complex and overwhelming experience. Let's work together to comprehend its intricacies and implement strategies to manage its challenges.

  • Trauma and PTSD

    The scars of trauma can linger long after the event. Let's journey together to heal these wounds, rebuild resilience, and rediscover joy.

  • Clinical Supervision and Consultation

    With decades of experience in the field, I offer clinicians tailored supervision and consultation services. Enhance your therapeutic approach and ensure your clients receive the utmost care.

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Embarking on a therapeutic journey is a courageous decision. Recognizing the need for change and seeking guidance is the first vital step towards a brighter future. If you’re ready to explore the transformative potential of therapy, I’m here to support you. Schedule a free consultation today, and together, we’ll chart the course for your healing journey.